Based on Mymensingh Geetika
Music: Mustafa Anwar Swapan
Direction: Eugene Gomez


Sonai, a young girl was handed over to her childless maternal uncle after sudden death of her father. The uncle and aunt were happy to nourish her up and search a good bride, but failed. Meanwhile, Sonai and Madhav, both were fallen love at first sight. Dewan, a powerful and polygamist became very crazy to hear about Sonai and sent proposal to uncle to marry her anyway. Uncle was threatened to death by Dewan while refusing the proposal for religious differences. The uncle feared and agreed ultimately and told him to take Sonai on her way to river. While Dewan’s people taking Sonai forcibly, Madhav rescued her. But, at night of their marriage, Dewan’s people kidnapped Madhav’s father. Madhav instantly ran away to release his father. Dewan released father instead of Madhav in detain. Father urged Sonai to release his only son by detaining herself to Dewan. Sonai did everything, released her husband from Dewan?s custody but in lieu of her life. Madhav lost his sense, waiting for Sonai.

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